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Influence of Enthusiastic Language on the Credibility of Health Information and the Trustworthiness of Science Communicators: Insights From a Between-Subject Web-Based Experiment

Interact J Med Res 2019;8(3):e13619

2146 107 13
Synthesis of the Evidence on What Works for Whom in Telemental Health: Rapid Realist Review

Interact J Med Res 2022;11(2):e38239

3052 102 16
Evaluating the Quality of Website Information of Private-Practice Clinics Offering Cell Therapies in Japan

Interact J Med Res 2016;5(2):e15

3964 47 12
Activity Trackers Implement Different Behavior Change Techniques for Activity, Sleep, and Sedentary Behaviors

Interact J Med Res 2017;6(2):e13

4819 39 42
Weight Stigma Goes Viral on the Internet: Systematic Assessment of YouTube Comments Attacking Overweight Men and Women

Interact J Med Res 2018;7(1):e6

5573 37 31
A Handheld Metabolic Device (Lumen) to Measure Fuel Utilization in Healthy Young Adults: Device Validation Study

Interact J Med Res 2021;10(2):e25371

46082 36 6
Elderly Learners and Massive Open Online Courses: A Review

Interact J Med Res 2016;5(1):e1

4866 34 32
Born to Yawn? Understanding Yawning as a Warning of the Rise in Cortisol Levels: Randomized Trial

Interact J Med Res 2012;1(2):e4

33226 31 6
Shaping an Effective Health Information Website on Rare Diseases Using a Group Decision-Making Tool: Inclusion of the Perspectives of Patients, Their Family Members, and Physicians

Interact J Med Res 2017;6(2):e23

1687 30 10
Internet Use and Access, Behavior, Cyberbullying, and Grooming: Results of an Investigative Whole City Survey of Adolescents

Interact J Med Res 2017;6(2):e9

4035 30 11
Consumer Willingness to Pay for Food Defense and Food Hygiene in Japan: Cross-Sectional Study

Interact J Med Res 2023;12(1):e43936

97 29 0
YouTube Videos to Create a “Virtual Hospital Experience” for Hip and Knee Replacement Patients to Decrease Preoperative Anxiety: A Randomized Trial

Interact J Med Res 2016;5(2):e10

5717 29 37
Social Media and Multiple Sclerosis in the Posttruth Age

Interact J Med Res 2017;6(2):e18

1607 26 21
“A Phenomenal Person and Doctor”: Thank You Letters to Medical Care Providers

Interact J Med Res 2017;6(2):e22

2278 25 6
Identifying Measures Used for Assessing Quality of YouTube Videos with Patient Health Information: A Review of Current Literature

Interact J Med Res 2013;2(1):e6

9807 24 110
Using Virtual Reality to Improve Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence in the Treatment of HIV: Open-Label Repeated Measure Study

Interact J Med Res 2019;8(2):e13698

1739 24 4
Using eHealth Technologies: Interests, Preferences, and Concerns of Older Adults

Interact J Med Res 2017;6(1):e3

7457 21 75
WhatsApp Messenger as an Adjunctive Tool for Telemedicine: An Overview

Interact J Med Res 2017;6(2):e11

8130 21 118
Use of Electronic Entertainment and Communication Devices Among a Saudi Pediatric Population: Cross-Sectional Study

Interact J Med Res 2018;7(2):e13

2355 20 5
Diet and Multiple Sclerosis: Scoping Review of Web-Based Recommendations

Interact J Med Res 2019;8(1):e10050

5046 20 33
Implementation and Experiences of Telehealth: Balancing Policies With Practice in Countries of South Asia, Kuwait, and the European Union

Interact J Med Res 2022;11(1):e30755

2109 19 2
Health Topics on Facebook Groups: Content Analysis of Posts in Multiple Sclerosis Communities

Interact J Med Res 2019;8(1):e10146

2011 19 24
Perceived Impact of Outdoor Swimming on Health: Web-Based Survey

Interact J Med Res 2022;11(1):e25589

4308 18 8
Barriers and Facilitators to Genetic Service Delivery Models: Scoping Review

Interact J Med Res 2021;10(1):e23523

2291 18 49
Planking or the “Lying-Down Game:” Two Case Reports

Interact J Med Res 2017;6(1):e4

1573 17 4

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