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The Impact of Different Surgical Modalities for Hysterectomy on Satisfaction and Patient Reported Outcomes
by Michael C Pitter, Christopher Simmonds, Usha Seshadri-Kreaden, Helen B Hubert
(Published on 17 Jul 2014)
Background: There is an ongoing debate regarding the cost-benefit of different surgical modalities for hysterectomy. Studies have relied primarily on evaluation of clinical outcomes and medical expenses. Thus, a paucity of information on patient-reported outcomes including satisfaction, recovery, and recommendations exists. Objective: The objective of this study was to identify differences in patient satisfaction and recommendations by approach to a hysterectomy. Methods: We recruited a large, geographically diverse group of women who were members of an online hysterectomy support community. US women who had undergone a benign hysterectomy formed this retrospective study cohort. Self-reported characteristics and experiences were compared by surgical modality using chi-square tests....
Military Medicine Publications: What has Happened in the Past Two Decades?
by Nirit Yavnai, Michael Huerta-Hartal, Francis Mimouni, Moshe Pinkert, David Dagan, Yitshak Kreiss
(Published on 28 May 2014)
Background: Military medical personnel, like all other physician specialists, face the challenge of keeping updated with developments in their field of expertise, in view of the great amount of new medical information published in the literature. The availability of the Internet has triggered tremendous changes in publication characteristics, and in some fields, the number of publications has increased substantially. The emergence of electronic open access journals and the improvement in Web search engines has triggered a significant change in the publication processes and in accessibility of information. Objective: The objective of this study was to characterize the temporal trends in the number and types of publications in military medicine in the medical literature. Methods: We...

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