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Interactive Journal of Medical Research

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i-JMR accepting nominations for Editorial Board positions and an Editor-in-chief

We are currently seeking academic leaders in the field of innovation and technology to apply as section editors for Editorial Board positions for i-JMR, including the Editor-in-Chief position. There will be remuneration in form of a credit system, rewarding actions such as taking on papers as submission editor or comissioning articles from academic authors. EB members will also be able to use a small discount for their own papers, or papers they invite from other authors. 

i-JMR aspires to be a leading journal in health care innovation, and has already a projected impact factor (2016) of 2.03. The new editorial board members under the leadership of a new editor-in-chief are expected to bring the journal to a new level by comissioning work from top authors, collaborating with leading conferences in the field, and advising on and facilitating new partnerships.

Prequisites include a scholarly track-record, demonstrated by being a first author on peer-reviewed publications and having served as peer-reviewer (preferably this should include JMIR journals. Applicants can self-assign themselves to papers to be peer-reviewed at JMIR Preprints). 

Please apply at